System Policies & Documentation

From time to time, the Lakeshores Library System Board of Trustees produces policy and other documents to guide the effective functioning of the system:

Delivery Service Route

Lakeshores Library System operates a van delivery route. This service facilitates resource sharing across the system, linking the individual collections of our member libraries into one massive collection. The current delivery route list of stops can be found HERE.

Annual Report, Plan, and Audit

Lakeshores Library System (LLS) is one of sixteen regional public library systems in Wisconsin. This regional model dates back to 1971, when it was created by the Wisconsin legislature. Subject to oversight by the Department of Instruction, LLS prepares a number of documents on an annual basis:

  • We submit an annual plan prior to each operational year to outline the services we intend to provide to our member libraries and to declare our intent to comply with statutory requirements that every regional library system must meet.

  • We submit an annual report after each operational year to describe the services we provided. Annual reports include budget information for auditing purposes. Annual report data is used to build library data sets on a variety of levels.

  • Each year, we undergo a thorough financial audit to ensure that our organization is meeting current accounting standards and financially sound. Our 2018 audit is available, as well as the 2017 audit.

Documents submitted to DPI for annual reports: