PLSR Update Message (From Feb. 9, 2017)

Update from the 1/20 PLSR Leadership meeting

Just a few weeks ago, the next phase of the PLSR project kicked off with a meeting of workgroup leads, facilitators, liaisons from DPI, and Steering Committee members. The group reviewed proposed workplans and timelines, thinking carefully about what will need to be completed to successfully offer plans for new models of collaborative services to the Steering Committee.

A new feature of the PLSR process are Topic Teams, which will meet for a short, defined period to make decisions about topics that cross many of the workgroups. The teams are made up of members of existing workgroups and the topics are as follows: Regions, Resource Sharing, Help Center, and Refining and Defining Continuing Education and Consulting. These are big topics and the teams will be asking for community feedback, via the Survey Panel, which you are encouraged to sign up for.  Findings and decisions from the Topic Teams will be ready to share with the broader community at WAPL in April.

There will be big decisions to make and a lot of work to be done in this phase. The complete timeline and workplans will be shared on the PLSR site when all workgroups and the Steering Committee have met to finalize their plans.

We also want to acknowledge that this phase will bring along with it more concerns from the community.  Some of this will be a little unnerving or let’s be honest, scary. But, please know that you will have many, many opportunities to offer feedback and to help shape the outcome and that changes that result from this process will be made carefully and incrementally.