Arrowhead Library System "Go Live" in SHARE Coming Soon!


On January 11th 2018, the member libraries of the Arrowhead Library System will be going live on all of the library management and patron discovery systems of the SHARE Consortium. Also on January 11th, the new LLS delivery/sorting hub (located at VIP Services Inc. in Elkhorn) will begin handling library materials passing between member libraries of all three participating regional public library systems in SHARE (Arrowhead, Kenosha, Lakeshores).

We are excited about this new chapter in library resource-sharing in our extended region! We do anticipate a period of learning and adaptation as we all go through this process, and we appreciate your patience.

If you are a library staff member, supervisor, or director, here are some resources that can help with the transition:

  • SHARE Delivery Page (featuring lots of information about the new delivery model, bin tag templates, and library-system specific delivery info);
  •  Library Staff Resources Page (featuring general training resources that you can use to get up to speed or practice your skills with the SHARE automated system -SirsiDynix Symphony.