The Librarian Advisory Committee (LAC) consists of member library directors or designated proxies. The existence of the LAC is codified in the Bylaws of the Lakeshores Library System. The purpose of the LAC is to maintain effective communication between the member libraries of the system, and bring a collaborative approach to problem solving.


Looking for Agendas or Meeting Minutes? Check out the LAC Document Archive!


Members of the Librarian Advisory Committee:

  • Aram Public Library - Anita O'Brien, Director -

  • Barrett Memorial Library - Joy Schnupp, Director -

  • Brigham Memorial Library - Mollie Hein, Director -

  • Burlington Public Library - Joe Davies, Director (Chair) -

  • Darien Public Library - Jeannine Heskett, Director -

  • East Troy Lions Public Library - Jeffery Gartman, Director -

  • Fontana Public Library - Walter Burkhalter, Director -

  • Genoa City Public Library - Lisa Ahler, Director -

  • Graham Public Library - Sara Swanson, Director -

  • Lake Geneva Public Library - Emily Kornak, Director -

  • Matheson Memorial Library - Lisa Selje, Director -

  • Racine Public Library - Jessica MacPhail, Director -

  • Rochester Public Library - Mary Stapleton, Director -

  • Walworth Memorial Library - Bobbi Sorrentino, Director -

  • Waterford Public Library - Heather Kinkade, Director -


Public Library Annual Reports

Each public library in Wisconsin must file an annual report. Annual reports are used to compile statewide library statistics, which are available from the Department of Public Instruction's website by clicking here.