Delivery Information for Lakeshores Library System (LLS) Member Libraries

Rules of thumb:

  • Transit items should be placed in grey bins like usual.
  • Please do your best to pack bins as reasonably full as you can without over-packing.
  • Generally, there are two types of bins that should be sent:
    • Commingled Bins - contain a mix of items for different libraries, possibly in different systems. VIP Services will sort these bins by destination library, and route items going to another system for pickup by the other systems' van.
    • Dedicated Bins - contain only items for another LLS library. Depending on the volume of Mike's truck for the day and your library's location on the route, Mike will either deliver these bins directly, or stage them for delivery the next day.
  • If you don't send significant amounts of material to certain libraries, then simply send everything in commingled bins.
  • If your library consistently sends a lot of material to a given library or libraries, then you may send full dedicated bins tagged for delivery to them. This is at your discretion. Please only send dedicated bins to a library if you send a lot of materials to that same library on a regular basis.
  • Dedicated bins that are not full should be combined with other materials and sent as a commingled bin - this is to make sure that we are sending as few partially-filled bins as possible.
  • "Full bin" means reasonably, completely full. We want to avoid sending partially filled bins as much as possible.
  • If all of the combined material your library sends on a given day is not enough to completely fill a bin, that's okay - send the bin anyway (exception to the "full bins" rule).
  • Outgoing commingled bins should have a VIP Services tag placed in the clear tag holder facing outward.
  • Outgoing dedicated bins should have a tag showing the destination library placed in the clear tag holder facing outward.

Bin Tags:

  • Bin tags should be used in such a way that the destination location is visible.
  • Please reuse tags as much as possible.
  • Tags can be created quickly by downloading the necessary library tag images, pasting them into a word or google document and printing them, or you can follow this process:
    1. Click here to access the online bin tag folder
    2. Double-click the image you wish to work with. Click "file", then select "download as" from the drop-down menu.
    3. Save the image to your computer as a JPEG image or a PNG image.
    4. Download the MS Word bin tag template, or create your own.
    5. Open the template.
    6. Open each image file you have saved to your computer. Use ctrl+c to copy the images to the template.
    7. Re-position your images as necessary on the template.
    8. Print the number of copies you need, cut, and fold.