About Regional Public Library Systems:

Wisconsin’s library system law, providing funding for coordinated regional library services, officially went into effect in 1971 when Senate Bill 47 was signed into law (1971 Act 152). The creation of public library systems fostered the establishment of a strong network of resource sharing and mutually beneficial interdependence. The actual creation and development of public library systems in Wisconsin was a voluntary and gradual process. No county or public library is required to be a member of a library system; yet, as of this writing, all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties and more than 380 public libraries are library system members. Wisconsin’s 16 public library systems developed in distinct ways in response to the needs of their member libraries and area residents.

About Lakeshores Library System:

Lakeshores Library System (LLS) was established as a single county library service for Racine County in the 1970's. We became a federated library system eleven years later in 1981. In 1982, the Walworth County Board of Supervisors voted to join LLS, thus setting in motion our transformation into a multi-county library system as of January 1st, 1983. Fifteen municipal libraries and one school library are the core members of LLS. Beyond our core members, LLS provides delivery service to the Racine Correctional Institution, and provides staffing and support for the SHARE Consortium: a network of public libraries spanning Kenosha, Racine and Walworth counties. We are constantly looking for new partners and innovative services we can provide.

About Our Team: